Universal Testing Machine Systems

MTI Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine Systems are offered in ten standard force capacities ranging from 1,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds (5 kN to 450 kN) force. All systems include an Intel LGA1150 Core-i7 computer data-acquisition and control system with full features and capability including data-base analysis and networking. All testing, such as tensile testing, can be controlled based upon Displacement, Load, Stress or Strain. The full MTI Testing Programs library is included with each system.

Force Measurement

All MTI universal testing systems are provided with a minimum of one universal (Tension and Compression) load cell of a capacity selected by the customer. Often only one load cell is required to accomplish the full spectrum of testing because of the high resolution and accuracy of our 24-bit analog input system. On some occasion though an additional load cell may be required and we offer a full selection of cells to meet such requirements. MTI does not manufacture load cells (after all Ford and GM don't make automobile tires) but we instead offer cells supplied to companies specializing in these sensors. This means significantly lower prices to you than you would see from other companies which force you to utilize their own expensive cells. Our primary load cell suppliers are Interface Inc. (www.interfaceforce.com) and Transducer Techniques (www.ttloadcells.com) and you can inspect their full range of load cells at their web sites. We offer any of their cells with our purchased systems, or you can acquire them directly and easily include them into your system.



Materials and Structural Characterization
Test Support Instruments

The majority of characterization testing requires that you measure any or all of the following parameters -- Force, Displacement, Strain and Specimen Dimensions. MTI offers a full range of accessory instruments to accurately satisfy these requirements. In addition we offer general purpose Signal Conditioning Systems (strain gage and transducer amplifier systems) for detailed projects requiring multiple data inputs.

Additional Testing Requirements

Some jobs require more than just a compressive testing machine or a tension test machine. Because of that, we provide a variety of testing machines built to suit your needs: tensile testing, compression testing, flexural testing, mechanical testing, materials testing, ASTM testing, & even a universal testing machine. Whatever test machine you require, we can help. Testing machines are an integral part of quality assurance and we want to provide you with the best quality test machine system to ensure your products hold up to the stress they will be required to undergo. Special requirements may dictate Custom System Designs. Contact us with your special requirements.


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